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The Best Music Podcast

Jul 23, 2021

You can find Amani on all social media platforms with the handle @Amaniexperience

 Amani's twitch: 
As well as performing around the world, Amani has co-released three remix EPs and runs a successful music business that caters to corporate clients. He’s also an adjunct professor...

Jul 16, 2021

Facebook @CerVonCampbellMusic 

Twitter: @heyimcervon 
CerVon is an independent South Carolina artist known for his soulful sound and deep venting lyrics. A singer/ rapper, and also credited as a screenwriter, stand-up comic, songwriter, and actor. His music blends music in an interesting way..crafting mixtures...

Jul 9, 2021

This is the piece Mirko found: Trio for violin, cello and piano by Dragutin Gostuški. This is the old recording: 
A new version of the recording for sale: 
You can Mirko on...

Jun 25, 2021
Link to the Jamulus episode with Berklee Global's Jason Camelio:
A veteran of the New York City jazz scene for over 30 years, bassist Bill Moring has established a reputation as one of the city's most in-demand players. Bill played with such notables...