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The Best Music Podcast

Jan 22, 2021

Link to Drones that we talked about in the podcast:





The Best Music Podcast #3 | Peter Lin - Trombone | Connecting and Creating Communities with Music, Practicing with Drones

Peter's Music:

Peter's Company:

Peter's Podcast:

Taiwanese-American trombonist Peter Lin is a young and creative musician active on the New Jersey and New York scene. A graduate of the esteemed jazz programs of William Paterson University (undergraduate) and Rutgers University (graduate), Peter studied with jazz trombone legends such as Slide Hampton, Steve Turre, Conrad Herwig, Robin Eubanks, Steve Davis, & Frank Lacy. He has performed with many notable artists including Slide Hampton, Winard Harper, Charli Persip, Valerie Ponomarev, JD Allen, & Radam Schwartz. Peter is also an established educator, holding a prestigious faculty position at Melissa Walker & Christian McBride’s non-profit organization, Jazz House Kids. His first record, With Respect, featured arrangements of classic Chinese and Taiwanese songs, which peaked at #3 on the NACC Charts and #4 on the RMR Charts. His second album, New Age Old Ways, features eight of his original compositions along with an original comic book with illustrations by Kelly Lin which placed #2 on the RMR Charts.

0:00 Intro

2:16 Warm-up Questions

7:00 With Respect (2018)

17:00 How Long it Takes to Write an Album

19:12 Live vs Studio Personel, Sitting In, Jam Sessions

24:00 Aural Traditions, Plunger Playing, and Mutes

32:00 Tedesco Studios

33:09 New Age Old Ways (2020)

39:04 Being Open and Honest - JD Allen Helps Create the Space for Creativity

42:16 No Chordal Instruments, Ornette Coleman, Avant Guard

46:37 Creating Music from Images and Finding a Voice

48:42 Playing Jazz Clubs

50:24 Yardbird Entertainment

53:45 How to Book Jazz Performances

58:09 How Yardbird Pivoted - Covid, Jazz House Kids

1:05:27 Live Jazz in the time of Covid, Alex Parchment

1:09:10 Bill Saxton

1:15:10 Jazz Lovers and Supporters

1:21:36 Creating a Jazz Community Together

1:25:16 Lifestyle: Sleep and Routine

1:30:56 Lifestyle: Diet and Exercise, Seperation of Work and Life

1:38:56 Lifestyle: Support Systems

1:44:01 Practice: What Comes Easy Understanding Cultures

1:46:35 Practice: What Takes Work: Pitch and Using Drones

1:52:40 Practice: Time of Day and Quantity

1:55:55 Burn Out

2:01:02 Performance Anxiety

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Audio and Video: Zach Ramey

Video Thumbnail: Jean Tomasulo